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Write for JuventiKnows

WRITE for JuventiKnows – Guest-Bloggers WANTED!

Are you a die-hard Juventino with the writing bug? Or perhaps a die-hard writer with the Juve bug? If the answer to either is ‘yes’, we have a question for you…

to JuventiKnows.com?

We are always looking for interesting, original, newsworthy & opinionated content to publish: if you feel you have something to say that’d be worth a read for your fellow Juventini, this is YOUR chance!

What Should I Write About?

We accept submissions on virtually ANY Juventus-related topic. This may range from the very basic & general stuff (e.g. player profiles, match previews, match reports, top 10 lists, debate posts) to the very specific (e.g. the 100 ways Borriello’s hair/mustache made him look like an idiot).

We do have a soft spot towards OPINION PIECES, as we believe them to be the heart & soul of what blogging is all about. An opinion piece is where you present your own viewpoint about a particular situation at the club. For example: why you think Antonio Conte should use 4-3-3 instead of 3-5-2, why Alessandro Del Piero deserved a contract extension, what were the main weaknesses of Juventus last year and what can be done to overcome them etc. etc.

Remember: not everyone needs to agree with you! Your viewpoint might be controversial but if you provide a convincing, well-written argument, readers will be interested in what you have to say. You may even start a big debate among Juventus fans!

Some of our guest-authors have also written about personal experiences: how they became a Juventino (sharing their unique personal perspective of falling in love with la Vecchia Signora), or how they attended an epic Juventus match, or how they met their favorite player. Such posts are welcome, but remember to put yourself in your reader’s place: what makes YOUR story stand out? Why would other Juventini enjoy it?
To get the sense of the broad spectrum of past submissions (and an idea of what we’re looking for), check out the list of our previously published Guest-posts.


    • All content must be original. No previously published posts.
    • All submissions must be in English, with correct use of grammar & spelling.
    • Length should be  min. 750 WORDS(shorter articles must be REALLY good to be considered).
  • Your work must be polished & edited before being submitted. We reserve the right to make edits for brevity, grammar, readability, and SEO purposes. If too much editing is required, chances are that your article will not be published. So please submit your very best work!
  • Submit your work in a Word Document – it must include a title and proper formatting. If you have supporting images you’d like to use, paste them directly into the document. A short author bio (which may contain links to your personal Twitter profile or website) is also encouraged but not necessary.
  • If you’re familiar with WordPress, send us your article directly in HTML code (copy-paste the code in a .txt file – you can send us supporting media such as pictures in a separate email later).
  • Our editorial calendar in made in advance and gravitates around Juventus FC matches. Once accepted, we reserve the right to keep your article for publication at a later date.
  • Guest posts may be republished on your blog but we prefer only the first 2-3 paragraphs be included, with a link to the full article on JuventiKnows.com. In all cases, a link to the original post on JuventiKnows must be provided.