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Team Eats: SAMPDORIA – Linguine Genovese Tricolore Recipe #31

Champions of Italy! I Campioni Dell’Italia Siamo Noi! The JuventiKnows TeamEATS Full-Service-Smackdown Kitchen is ablaze in Tricolor decorations as we close a triumphant season with a special trip to Sampdoria on Saturday for victory (and revenge). 2012-2013 was a long and tough season with it’s own moments of heartbreak; a first-ever home loss, an early …

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Team Eats: PALERMO – Penne alla Palermitana-ish

This recipe was submitted and cooked by special guest-chef Pablo Giles. Follow him on Twitter

Team Eats: LAZIO – Artichoke Heart and Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Hey, hey! It’s me, Andrea again – the skirt in the Cascarano household. Feel free to follow me on Twitter

Team Eats: PESCARA – Fettuccine Pescara

Despite still being in obvious pain from this week’s Champions League first-leg defeat to Bayern Munich, we know It Ain’t Over ‘Till The Old Lady Sings… and The Show Must Go On… and Keep Your Eye on the Prize… Ok, I’m finished. But what’s not finished is the season. There’s still a second-leg in Torino …

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