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Didier DESCHAMPS: “I Made a Mistake Leaving Juventus…”

Didier Deschamps, much like players like Zinedine Zidane, Edgar Davids, and David Trezeguet, is someone who always brings back fond memories for me. He represents the late 90s, a time where Juventus dominated Serie A and Europe and during which I followed Juventus with adolescent fervor, growing to love the team which I now dedicate …

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Alessandro DEL PIERO’s First Sydney INTERVIEW: Gazzetta Goes ‘Down Under’

It has been more than four months since Alessandro Del Piero‘s last match for Juventus FC and only slightly less since that dreaded day when his contract with the club officially expired. ADP lives in Australia now. He’s taken his calcio trade to a distant land where the players aren’t as technically gifted and where …

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Antonio CONTE’s Calcioscommesse PRESS CONFERENCE – 23.08.2012 [English]

We requested this press conference because I think the time has come, after much waiting and a long silence from my part (as a principle of decency for those who were carrying out the investigation, those who had to judge, those who had to do their work). I have listened to everyone while remaining silent, …

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Alessandro Del Piero VANITY FAIR Interview

Originally published on April 18, 2012 The dreaded day is approaching. With Juventus having their best season since Farsopoli and continuing their intense two-front battle towards silverware, none of us Juventini want to think about any impending sadness. But looming over the horizon is perhaps the biggest grief of them all: Alessandro Del Piero‘s …

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