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Match Compilation: Arturo Vidal vs Fiorentina

This post was guest-blogged by Matt Statto. Follow him on Twitter (@ilstatto) Arturo Vidal vs Fiorentina Video JuventiKnows from JuventiKnows on Vimeo. Kicking off the post-season series of match compilations highlighting the outstanding and influential performances throughout the memorable 12/13 scudetto winning campaign; Vidal vs Fiorentina – in what proved to be a decisive and …

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Juventus Primavera Latest: The Campionato Comes To A Close

This post was guest-blogged by Massimiliano F. The Juventus Primavera headed to Gubbio looking to improve upon their recent displays as the faced off against Chievo in the Final Eight of the Campionato Playoffs. As he has on a number of occassions, Massimiliano F. watched on for JuventiKnows and delivers his verdict on the game …

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Team Eats: PALERMO – Penne alla Palermitana-ish

This recipe was submitted and cooked by special guest-chef Pablo Giles. Follow him on Twitter

Scouting Report: LAZIO – Serie A, Round 32

This post was guest-blogged by Matt Statto. Follow him on Twitter (@ilStatto) 0n Monday night, Juventus head to the Stadio Olimpico to face Lazio, in need of a victory in order to continue their pursuit of the Scudetto crown. Last week’s Champions League defeat represented a set back to the Bianconeri, but thoughts must now …

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